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Why need to use electronic vote counting system?
With it, the election will become very easy! the reasons are as follows:
1. Efficiency: the results will be immediately obtained, it will save a lot of time and man power.?
2. Accuracy: it will be 100% correct, the artificial error will be able to be resolved.?
3. Impartiality: in counting process, the election of documents will automatically be generated, it will provide an audit to resolve possible disputes at anytime after the election.
Universal electronic voting system
1.Ballot Counting Workstation
• Voter identity authentication module. 
• Voting input and processing module. 
• Ballot counting and output module.
2. Election Computing Center

At the same time, support different polling stations will be able to use the following three different ballot mode:
1.Paper ballots + Scanning + OCR optical recognition.
2.Paper ballots + Computer manual entry.
3.Direct touch screen electronic voting(no paper).
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