Universal electronic voting system

1.Ballot Counting Workstation
• Voter identity authentication module. 
• Voting input and processing module. 
• Ballot counting and output module.
2. Election Computing Center

The system topology: 
System introduction

At the same time, support different polling stations will be able to use the following three different ballot mode: 
• Paper ballots + Scanning + OCR optical recognition. 
Ballot papers will be collected together, then, through the high speed scanner and optical character recognition, votes will be processed and calculated very fast.

• Paper ballots + Computer manual entry. 
Ballot papers will be collected together, then, by means of manual input, votes will be input to the compute one by one.

• Direct touch screen electronic voting(no paper).
Through identity and fingerprint authentication voters, will be able to click voting directly on the touch screen for candidates, and print out a copy for voting, as the dispute of the reference basis.

1. Ballot Counting Workstation
(1) The main interface of system

(2) Voter identity authentication

Functional description:
• System will go through a two-dimensional code scanner to present national citizen ID to verify against Coomeva live data base to make sure he is a eligible voter.
• In confirmation of the identity information is no problem, will also conduct fingerprint information check according to the identity ID database. and to make he has not voted.

As shown in the following diagram:

(3) Voting input and processing
The input of the vote

• Set to a mode of election
  Set interface:

• Processing voting in the selected way

(4) Statistics and output of report

(5) Data security
• All of the data in the electronic ballot box (picture scanning and recognition result) will be encrypted by the 128 bit encryption algorithm, All data leaving the system will is invisible.
• The system will have the log function, all the operations will be tracked.

2. Election Computing Center
The Election Computing Center should be installed in another computer to receive and statistics data from all voting workstations.
(1) The main interface of system

(2) Summary
In summary interface, fist you can see detail voting information of all candidates ,see below the summary interface:

System and equipment


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