Vote counting workstation system offline

●According to the budget and national conditions, vote counting center will can be configured in a polling station, or area, or city, or province, even the national election center,election expenses will be more or less.
●Because of the paper ballots, the election results will not be questioned, electronic ballot generated will be used as the basis for the audit.

●Calculation of votes will start after the vote, so it will take some time.

Brief introduction

●Supporting high-speed scanner to Input ballots fast.
●Ballots will be automatic processing, recognition and calculation.
●Invalid votes and blank votes is provided for inspection.
●Election archives is automatically generated, be used to provide dispute verification.
●All data in the workstation system (picture scanning and recognition result) is encrypted by the 128 bit encryption algorithm, it leaving the system will is invisible.
●Providing data interface, which is able to be integrated with any election of management platform for summary and statistics.

1.Using up to 80 paper/double/minute of the high speed scannerthe and high precision of ballot recognition engine, to ensure the completion of counting fast.
2.In addition to off-line, it and Intelligenc voting box system has the same system performance.
3.Providing Network, USB interface, data can be uploaded directly, but also artificial export.
4.The system is convenient to move, and can be used whenever and wherever possible.
5.With higher performance to price ratio..

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