The New Voting System of Meeting

1. Purpose of the system
    It can be used in many kind of meetings, such as , voted for major bills, and the appointment or dismissal, it will be used to carry out a secret ballot.
2. Structure of the system
    It is composed by mobile terminal equipments(android tablet or Intelligent mobile phone) and the software of meeting voting terminal system, backstage management host and the software of meeting voting management system, large screen display management PC and the software of large screen management. see below:

3. Advantage of the system
    Compare to the system that is immovable terminals at every seats, this new system using mobile terminals has obvious advantages, as below:
3.1 It can be used right off just after buying, without construction.
The traditional terminal of voting system is need for installation and connecting at seats, it's complicated and need a long time. but this new system can be used right off just after buying, without this complicated process.
3.2 It can be used in many ways, that saving money.
The android pad can be used as not only terminal of voting, but also can be used as a platform for files' receiving and reading. it will be able to help to realize paperless office, and save expenses of the conference.
3.3 It can be moved to use, is flexible and convenient.
The traditional terminal of voting system, no matter using wire or wireless, commonly be fixed at every seats in the meeting room,but the new system use android pad as voting terminal, this makes it possible to change meeting address or location when it's needed. it's very flexible and convenient for voting in middle and small meeting.

4. Structure of functions

5. Introduction of functions
5.1 Voting terminal
Android tablet will be used as the voting terminal, app software will be installed on it. see below:

reading files
If it's needed to read some files about the bills before voting, you can select and open these files in the terminals, see below:

5.2. Control terminal for moderator
System support that control right of vote can be transferred from the background of the administrator to the front of the moderator .
(1) Control terminal
Android tablet will be used as the control terminal, app software will be installed on it. see below:

5.3. Backstage managing system
(1)Login system
Use user name and password to login the backstage managing system, see below:

(2)Main interface
The backstage managing system include: system setting, voting management, and file management. the main interface is showed as below:

(3)Voting management
Voting management include History, Prepare and Star items, the title and content of the vote will be established by the Prepare item, when the vote, bills will be able to be set, either all list, can also be the way one by one . see below:

(4)File management
File management include Build and Send item, to send a file, you should first select the file, this is the establishment of the file, and then send them to the system to connect all the terminals. this function can be used to manage and browse the paperless documents. its interface is showed as below:

5.4. Large screen display management
The system support the large screen display for voting title,and attendance information,and voting results. in addition, it can show real time information that you type in. you also can change the font, size, front color and back color of the information.

(1)The setting menu
When right clicking the anywhere on the screen, the setting menu will be shown, you will have to set the IP address of a host , other settings can be set according to their own needs. see below:

(2)Setting large screen display
●Setting display of sign in
See below:

●Setting display of voting
See below:

6. System environment
6.1 Voting terminal
Device: Xiaomi Pad, model: A0101
Operating system : android 4.0 or higher
Application environment: if using as file reader, it needs to install Word and PDF reader.

6.2 Background management host
Hardware : using notebook or desktop PC(I5-CPU/4G-RAM or higher)
Operating platform: Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8/ Windows 10, but, if using as file of reading and management platform, will have to use Windows Server 2008 or higher.

6.3 Large screen display management PC
Hardware : use a server as a management host (Xeon-CPU/16G-RAM or higher)
Operating platform: windows Server 2008 or higher.

6.4 Network device
This system uses wireless router. the type and number of router are base on the meeting environment and the size of meeting hall.
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